About Us

Hainsford Renewable Energy Limited ("Hainsford") is an independent renewable energy company primarily focussed on the development ownership and operation of commercial scale wind energy projects. The company can trace its origins to the beginning of wind energy as a commercial enterprise in the UK in the early 1990's.

In this time wind turbine technology has advanced and it is proven that this is low cost, secure and scalable. Thus wind generated energy is an essential element of the energy mix of virtually every nation. 

Hainsford now operates on a global basis both independently and with financial and operating partners to facilitate the delivery of major projects in developed and emerging markets.   

Hainsford has worked throughout Europe, in Africa, Latin America and Australia.

The core elements of Hainsford's skill set are:

  • Resolving complex planning, engineering and logistics issues
  • Maximising generation capacity
  • Implementation and project delivery

Hainsford has pioneered the re-powering of early wind farms with its work at Caton Moor, in Lancashire and Blyth Harbour, Northumberland.

The current focus of Hainsford is on:

  • re-powering of existing wind farms in Western Europe
  • utility scale (100MW+) projects in other territories
  • small scale and off-grid local generation in developing nations